Can Self-Hypnosis Help You Stop Smoking

People don’t easily believe that self-hypnosis can be explained, much less be used to some effective goal. But the truth is self-hypnosis isn’t part of some bigger scheme only some people can understand. And if you open your mind just a little bit, you’ll see why.

First of all, self-hypnosis is not about falling asleep. Instead, it’s about getting your body to relax as much as possible while keeping your consciousness active. For people who meditate, they understand the concept perfectly.

So, what do relaxation and self-hypnosis have to do with each other? With any type of hypnosis, the goal is to reach the sub-conscious, because that’s where you change habits much more effectively. People who keep telling themselves they aren’t worth anything will eventually make the thought a habit because they typically linger on the idea while in a relaxed state.

Now, you are always connected with your subconscious, but your consciousness gets in the way. And the moment your body and mind relaxes, you bring the two closer together.

Self-hypnosis is the tool you use to get into your subconscious and change the bad habits like smoking or other things you don’t like about yourself. Or you can use it to enhance something. With self-hypnosis, there are no limits, because your logical consciousness can’t intervene.

The point is not to fall asleep, but to get as relaxed as possible. And it has to be done without any disturbances.

Does Self-Hypnosis Really Work?

If you look at the way the mind functions, then yes, self-hypnosis can have a great positive effect on your life. However, you need to approach it with realistic expectations. Every time you do it you learn a little bit more about what to look for, the dialogue you’re using, and whether you’re feeling a difference, and of course there are excellent Life Coaches and Hypnosis Coaches who can guide your experience.

Plus, have you ever heard of anyone dying while hypnotising him or herself? We know lots of people who have died from smoking cigarettes, but do you know anyone who died from hypnosis?